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Parc national des Grands-Jardins

Case Study

This website was created for the Québec Park ‘Parc National des Grands-Jardins’. This was a project for a web class at Vanier College, we had the choice of which location we wanted to pick, as long as it was a park. This website introduces the space to new – or returning – clients, what it offers, what activities they can participate in, and how much it would cost for all ages and groups. All photos seen on the website are photos of the actual park, so guests can get a preview of what they will experience.


One of the challenges I faced when creating this website was figuring out how I wanted the information to be displayed. I wanted the main focus to be on the activities and the aesthetic of the park, so I wanted there to be a lot of images for the users to look at. At the same time, I wanted to give some history behind the park and what makes it so special.

Another issue was figuring out how I would display the prices, as there were many different rates. It had to be clear and precise, so that customers would not get confused and find the wrong cost. Lastly, there had to be a functioning comment section. A space for clientele to leave any comments or concerns, whether it be for the company to see and adjust, or for new clients. This was the most important feature to include on the site.






In order to get all the information that I wanted to be displayed onto the site, both pictures and info, I decided that the best option would be a picture slideshow. This way, I can use as many images as I want, without it overpowering the screen and being the main focus. Now, the details and images could be presented proportionally, without one or the other taking the spotlight. The more pictures to be viewed, the more the park will attract people.

As for the prices, the best option was to put it into a table. With this layout, the customer would be able to see all the prices in a nice and condensed view, not too overwhelming. The amenities are shown as SVG icons to make it a bit more dynamic, but also providing a fun visual. Finally, you can find the comment section directly at the bottom of the page, in working condition. Its placed low so that after viewing the entire website, this is the final selling point.


Overall, I am satisfied with the final look of the website. I believe I did the park justice in showcasing its fascinating history, beautiful landscapes, and wide variety of activities. The design of the website fits very well, it doesn’t take attention away from images or information. It is very simple and easy to navigate, simple for customers to utilize. I was pleased with the grade I received for the project, and both teachers gave me very good feedback.