Create a simple project management app where the user can create an account, create new project that are added to a list, be able to add tasks within the project, and be able to mark when the project/task is completed. The project must also include animated buttons, animated logo, and a lot of interactivity.


Implement and work with a database to display and store the users’ information. We had to create a mood board to set the tone for the app, figure out a color scheme, the fonts we wanted to use, and the types of animated buttons we planned to integrate. It was required to add micro-animations, transitions, and other interactive elements to the site. Lastly, to tie in with the interactive feature, we had to create an animated logo for the app.


My role for this project was to create the database using MySQL and implementing it through PHP MyAdmin. I had to make sure that everything was working: the user was able to create an account, sign in with that account, be able to add tasks, look over old tasks, etc. I also did the overall layout of the app and did it in a way that its easy to navigate.


Starting from a code base, all we had to do was modify the code and make sure that the information was matching across all files. I created the database with all of the information I needed/wanted to be displayed for the user. I found inspiration for animated buttons and interactions online and applied them for our site. For the layout, I created a simple sketch of how I wanted it to be displayed, and then referenced that when it came to the actual coding.